Primary School

..a tradition of excellence


This is Childville School family. We describe Childville school as a family school because many of our students join us from playgroup class, they grow with us in a secured teaching and learning environment where they form a close relationship with both peers and teachers. The concept of family is very important to us because we are transparent in all we do and we involve our parents and guardians alike. The Childville School is an independent day school for boys and girls of ages 18months to 15 or 16 years. We nurture individual students from our playgroup class through primary to year 11 (i.e. Nursery, Primary and Secondary) where we focus on holistic education. Recognize that no two individuals are the same, therefore pay attention to individual development and seek ways to help each student develop his or her strengths and learn from their weaknesses.

Responsibility is a key element in the daily life of the school, so we encourage our students to be accountable for themselves and for the well being of others. We also encourage them to accept responsibility for their academic performance from a very early age. Two of the greatest gifts children have are their imagination and creativity. We encourage all our students to build on these gifts both in class and outside the classroom.
We believe every child can excel at something, so we offer the broadest possible range of curriculum (education) academics, cultural, sporting and extra-curricular activities to help the students find their niche. These activities help children develop social and life skills that will stay with them for the rest of their lives and will help them to face future challenges.
At Childville School we generate creative lessons, enthuse and inspire our students, promote confidence and stimulate initiative. Above all, we inspire passion for learning in all our students.
Come and have a taste of excellent education at The Childville School.

Bunmi Bamigboye
Head of Primary