Childville Secondary

..a tradition of excellence

This is Childville Senior, where we celebrate excellence in all that we do!



At the Childville Senior, we run both British and Nigerian Curricula which allow our students to write the Cambridge’s Checkpoint and IGCSE examinations as well as the West African Examinations Council’s SSCE (Senior Secondary Certificate Examinations). These examinations prepare our students for a whole new opportunity for tertiary education both in Nigeria and any part of the world.


We are therefore happy to welcome you to our secondary, The Childville Senior, where learning is fun.


It’s always a joy to let you share the possibilities that our secondary school presents. The Childville Senior is one of a kind. It is a place where we raise champions who excel not just in their academics, but in different aspects of life. We recognise that our call is to raise champions who are prepared to make a difference in the world; so, we are deliberate in honing skills that encourage critical thinking, team work, collaboration, citizenship, digital literacy, entrepreneurship, and leadership. Our students develop into life long learners who go the extra mile to shift frontiers and take a place in the world stage.

We create and maintain the right atmosphere for our students to develop their imagination and creativity, recognising that they are change agents wherever they find themselves.
At The Childville, we believe that bringing your child/children to our school is an investment that will yield tremendous life benefits. Our students are equipped with diverse skills that allow them to stand out and make a difference in their world.
Our small class sizes coupled with our love for the child ensure that we stand by our policy, ‘no child left behind’. We believe that students should be in a happy environment that liberates them to be all they can be, and our school boasts of not just friendly students, but also friendly teachers who spare no effort to ensure that the desired outcomes of learning are achieved in every child.